The Maritime Learning Company of the Year

Then it's time to nominate candidates for SNMK's award "The Maritime Learning Company of the Year".

The Board of Directors believes it is still important to give attention to a company that takes extra responsibility to secure training places.

The deadline for submitting nomination proposals is Tuesday 15 January 2019.

Companies that enter maritime apprenticeships and / or cadets can be nominated. There are the four maritime training offices, all departments of the Maritime Forum and member organizations in SNMK and the board of SNMK who can nominate companies. The board of the foundation shall then make a discretionary assessment of the nominated candidates based on the following criteria:

1) The number of training positions in relation to the size of the fleet.
2) Stake for the industry beyond the company's own interest.
3) Measures for quality in the education.
4) Measures for diversity in recruitment.

Are there any questions, just take contact.