Marit Gaustad and Odd Høiås in the front, from Pharma Marine - Ingjerd Lystad in the center back and Madli Håhjem far left


On Sunday, February 10, a certificate course was launched at company Pharma Marine at Terøya.

Many employees want to take a certificate. The course

who was kicked off now Sunday is for those with so long experience that they can go
up to the examination as a practice candidate (at least 5 years) when the course is
finished until next summer.

The 10 who now sit on the school bench to learn more theory,
have different nationalities. Some of the approximately 200 teaching hours are therefore
put up with teaching in Norwegian so that they can answer 5 hours
written exam waiting in June 2020. Norwegian teacher in the course is Marit
Gaustad. The teaching in the subject Industrial Food Production is Odd Høiås
(Foodcare Norge AS) and professional personnel from Pharma Marine who will be responsible. For
Pharma Marine's internal training is important and they will therefore contribute a lot
teaching on the course. Such systematic training and competence building will
going forward in the "Pharma Marine school".

The course is a collaboration with Marint Kompetansesenter and with support from Kompetanse Norge.

Marint Kompetansesenter greatly appreciates the close cooperation and wishes employees and company good luck