Competence-enhancing courses, measures and projects in Møre og Romsdal

a unifying competence center for the marine industry

Who are we?

Marint Kompetansesenter is a unifying and coordinating organization for recruitment and competence-enhancing measures within the marine industry. We hold courses and implement measures for companies that want to strengthen the competence of their employees. We also establish contact between companies/shipowners and apprentices/cadets.. 

We mainly offer our services in Møre og Romsdal, but also take national and international tasks.

On the inside

Companies and membership benefits

Marint Kompetansesenter is owned by almost 160 companies in the marine industry. The member companies are the backbone of the organization. Through the board and our annual meeting, decisions are made to ensure that the members receive their recruitment and competence measures. As a member company you can at any time influence what tasks the organization is to work with. Members get access to everything prepared by Marint Kompetansesenter, at a greatly reduced membership price.

Our member companies: